Charging Solution for Charge Point Operators

An Effective Solution for Public Electric Vehicle Fast Charging
As a professional EV charging solution provider, Gresgying offers all the resources you need to build, expand, and sustain your charging network. We can easily integrate with your current business. Our public DC fast chargers are compatible with all EV models, and open to white label.

One-stop-solution for All Your Charging Needs
We provide expert services, charging management software, high-quality AC walboxes, and reliable DC fast charging stations ranging in power from 7 to 180 kW to meet all the needs of your charging networks.

electric car fast charging stations
public dc fast charger

Your Trustworthy EV Charger Supplier
Gresgying is a dependable and professional EV charging solution provider with 5+ years of industry expertise and 28000 terminals in operation, offering a variety of electric car fast charging solutions to help you grow and sustain your EV charging network. Our optimal network services and maintenance partners ensure that your EV charging stations are installed safely and operate efficiently on your site.

A Safe and Fast Charging Experience for Users
Delight your customers with a fast and seamless charging experience, and attract more EV drivers to use your public fast chargers. With intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, ergonomic charging cables, and continuous high power, our charging stations can serve any EV today or in the future.

electric vehicle fast charging

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