Solution for Home EV Charging

Safe and Easy-to-use Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Home & Apartment
Gresgying electric vehicle charging solution for home adopts a combination of 7~22kW AC wallboxes. Our home charging station supports Wi-Fi, 4G, or Ethernet connection. The starting modes of our home EV chargers include plug & charge, RFID card authorization, and APP remote start, which bring great convenience to residential life. Meanwhile, dynamic load management is essential to ensure the safety of the power distribution system. We provide a range of electric vehicle charging solutions for home—chargers, software, and services. Our AC home chargers are compatible with all EV models, which are powered by advanced software, installed and maintained by qualified professionals.

electric vehicle charging solution
home car charging solution

Enjoy the Ultimate Convenience with Gresgying Home EV Charging
With home EV chargers, you don’t need to merely rely on the availability of public EV chargers. Our EV charging stations for home are safe and easy-to-use. With WiFi connection and mobile APP, our home car charging solution allows you to remotely control and monitor your charging. You can take your fully charged vehicle out as soon as you wake up.

A Multifunctional EV Charging Station
It’s not just an EV charging station, but also allows you to control the charging station remotely and get detailed charging insights by using Gresgying charging management software. Plus, you can automatically adjust your power consumption in real-time using dynamic load balancing.

The Safest Charging Method for Electric Vehicles
Our CE-certified electric vehicle charging station can charge your car up to eight times faster than a conventional outlet. It’s the safest charging method for your car and your home.

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