Attention all shoppers! Are you tired of driving around in circles, looking for a parking spot near an electric vehicle charging station? Well, the convenience factor is finally here with EV charging solutions that are boosting retail sales and improving sustainability. In this blog post, Gresgying will explore how these innovative charging stations transform shopping experiences and contribute to a greener future. So buckle up and let’s dive into this electrifying topic!

Introduction to EV Charging Solutions

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, so does the need for reliable and convenient EV charging solutions. EV charging solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from simple wall-mounted chargers to more sophisticated systems that can be installed at home or work. Some EV charging solutions even offer the ability to pay for charging services using a mobile app.

Benefits of EV Charging Solutions for Retails

Retailers are beginning to see the benefits of offering EV charging solutions to their customers, as it can help to boost the retail business.

Increased Sales: EV charging stations can be a major draw for customers, as they provide a convenient way to charge their vehicles while shopping. This can lead to increased sales for retailers, as customers are more likely to spend time (and money) at businesses that offer EV charging.

Increased Foot Traffic: In addition to driving sales, EV charging stations can also attract new customers who may not have previously considered shopping at a particular retailer. This increased foot traffic can benefit businesses in a number of ways, such as generating word-of-mouth marketing and providing opportunities for upselling.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Offering EV charging solutions can also help to improve customer satisfaction, as it shows that businesses are willing to accommodate the needs of their EV-driving customers. This can lead to repeat business and positive online reviews, which can further boost sales and foot traffic.

Case Study: Ikea Offers Free Electric Vehicle Charging for CustomersIKEA, the discount furniture retailer, is attracting electric vehicle owners and driving store traffic with a new charging station at its Las Vegas location, which follows successful installations at 13 other stores and enables consumers to pay for charging via a mobile application. “We always want to become more accessible to our customers. We know accessibility is the number one reason a consumer is not a customer, so we see a huge opportunity here. By moving into the cities, we make it easier for city dwellers to reach us, without having to drive to one of our stores…”says one of Ikea’s stuff.

Their choices increase their reputation and stay with their commitment to sustainability, which make them stand out in the industry to become the one of the best retailer in the world.


In conclusion, EV charging solutions are becoming increasingly popular in retail businesses due to the convenience they provide. So why not start to embrace the EV charging solutions for your retail business! If you already want to invest in one, but cannot find the right supplier, Gresgying is here to help you! Gresgying provides the perfect EV charging solutions for retails. We offer supermarkets, stores, and other retail locations a complete range of electric vehicle charging solutions—chargers, software, and services. Our charging solutions are compatible with all EV models, powered by intelligent software, and installed and serviced by certified professionals. Contact us right now!